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Helpful Information

Helpful Information

1 - Your safety comes first. For this reason, we're sharing essential Allergies information:

All our flavors contain traces of allergens, including milk (dairy), eggs, wheat (gluten), tree nuts, peanuts, soybeans, coconut, and soy, due to cross contaminations from our kitchen – machines & tools, preparation of recipes.

About eggs: we do not use them in our kitchen, but an ingredient that we use contains traces of egg, except our seasonal Tiramisu flavor.

We’re not an allergen-free environment.

We have an ingredient allergens list for each flavor at the counter for more information.

2 - We own all the stores, so we don't have a franchise format.

A short introduction about Bacio di Latte: founded by an Italian family in 2011, there are stores all over Brazil and in California. We own all the stores, so we don’t have a franchise format.