Bacio di Latte was born in 2011 from Edoardo and Luigi’s passion for Gelato, and their desire to share it with the rest of the world.

The two brothers set out from their hometown Milan, and drove across Italy to dive into the secrets of traditional Italian Gelato recipes.

During this trip they discovered the most incredible traditional recipes and raw materials and took them on their travels. Bacio di latte brings these delights to its customers cones in the most genuine way…by producing Gelato in front of their very eyes, respecting the ancient traditions of this wonderful art.


We produce our gelato everyday in every single shop.


Probably the most important ingredient, we source the best organic milk and cream from the Spoletta ranch up in Sonoma, CA.

Raw materials

We try to source the best raw materials from the best producers around the world, like our chocolate from Belgium and Italy, our pistachio from Sicily and our hazelnut from Piedmont.


The biggest challenge for a chef is to not spoil the raw material inside a recipe, that’s why we only use water and a very high % of the best possible fruit for our sorbet recipes. We want our fruit to scream out loud! We source all the fruits locally by producers with the highest commitment to quality.

 This is what we think about quality! We’ve always been this way and we’ll never change.

We  hope you enjoy our gelato.

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