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Crema & Biscotti
Cookies & Cream

Nineteen (19) servings per To-Go Large Container.
Each serving 2/3 cup (55g +/- 1.94oz). Calories per serving 110.

When classic flavors bring back sweet childhood memories! Our Cookies and Cream is creamy and full of flavor, so delicious! Made with fresh local organic milk and cream, a touch of vanilla and Oreo® cookies.

This service is exclusively available for local pickup only. You’ll schedule your pick-up time during the checkout.

Each Order Consists of 1 To-Go Large (1kg +/- 35.27oz).


How does it work

Place the order choosing one of the flavors below, including the time for your pick-up

Your freshly made gelato will be packaged a few minutes prior to your arrival

Minimum order: $ 36,90 one flavor with 1 Kg per each purchase