Freshly Made Order

Yellow & Caramello
Banana, Chocolate & Caramel

Nineteen (19) servings per To-Go Large Container.
Each serving 2/3 cup (55g +/- 1.94oz). Calories per serving 120.

When you’re craving bananas but also craving chocolate and caramel! Presenting Yellow & Caramello! We proudly use fresh bananas and local organic milk & cream from the best family farms in California.

This service is exclusively available for local pickup only. You’ll schedule your pick-up time during the checkout.

Each Order Consists of 1 To-Go Large (1kg +/- 35.27oz).


How does it work

Place the order choosing one of the flavors below, including the time for your pick-up

Your freshly made gelato will be packaged a few minutes prior to your arrival

Minimum order: $ 36,90 one flavor with 1 Kg per each purchase